Sovann Phoum Organization is working for the poor children and their family
Support At Risk Person (ARP) with Vocational Training for self-reliance
Posted Date : 01-11-2017 [1021]
Mr. Rin Sareun one of the ARPs who have received support from the project. He is a person with disability with left leg since he was born and lives in the suburb of Phnom Penh municipal as ID poor 1 family and also ARP.He has been supported from the livelihood counseling and also financial support from the project to study the vocational training on the motorbike repairing since early February , 2017.Up to now , he has learned a lot from one motorbike repairing store in the the Phnom Penh city with theory and daily practice of motorbike repairing. He feels more confident to repair the motorbikes.He will complete his motorbike vocational training by the late of December 2017 and he plans to find a job as motorbike repairer after he finishes his course to earn money for support his family as he wants to seek more experience and saving the capital to to open one motorbike repairing store by his own in the future
Training on Innovative Chicken Raising
Posted Date : 01-11-2017 [1022]
អender roles between husband and wife to support each other to run their small business as a part of family income generation to improve the family economic. Most of the families are really happy to participate with the training demonstration and all of them has set the plan and promise to start their plan soon.Thanks for WINRock and USAID that support this project.